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486180_521609167849819_1807020894_n_largeLet’s welcome December with open arms. Sure, I don’t like the cold. But winter time is something special, and christmas is just around the corner. This is the month of coziness and spending lots of time with friends and family.
Not only is it December first today, its also another big day. In a couple of hours I will tell you what I am talking about, you don’t want to miss that! 


Friday – I Love You!

And not any friday, Black Friday! I spent my night (from 00-05) shopping! Talk about shopaholic… I couldn’t be more happy with the things I got. I love it!
Whats going on otherwise? I need to start packing, and preparing for my Sweden departure on monday morning. The best feeling ever! I have a bunch of things to do, but I won’t let you down because of that, so stay tuned!

I know its just november and not christmas yet, but I am just so excited for a cold and white december with my family and friends I haven’t seen for a year. And by looking at these pictures I get even more excited. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday & season. Love it! Get inspired…

Who says you can’t have a christmas tree made out of wood? So creative and pretty.

Spice your sofa with a christmas pillow. 

It’s the candles season.

Let’s not forget Hot Chocolate & Gingerbread. 

/pictures and idea from here/


A trend that is still hot is the sequin fabric. My favorite “DIY-blog” did this project the other day. Isn’t it smart? It took her 15 minutes to do it, you just need the fabric, a scissor, some needles and thread, and you can get started! Works perfectly for autumn, give a old knitted sweater new life and meaning. 
Like it or forget it? Do you like DIY projects, or should I stop posting that?

Get the awesome street style.

A couple of my favorite examples. Affordable and chic. 
Like it or Forget it?

A Perfect Saturday, 
Cozy bed, lots of lightened candles, hot chocolate & movies. And some love with that, couldn’t be better. This is absolutely one of my favorite things with Autumn, long nights inside with candles, coziness and some favorite things.
Hope you all had a great Saturday, tomorrow I will share some of my own workout-goodies, so stay tuned!

En Perfekt Lördag, 
Mysig säng, massvis med tända ljus, varm choklad & filmer. Och så lite kärlek på det, kan inte bli bättre. Det är absolut en av mina favoriter i höst, långa nätter inomhus med ljus, mys och några favorit saker.
Hoppas ni alla hade en bra lördag, i morgon kommer jag bjuda på några av mina egna tränings-godsaker, så håll ett öga på bloggen!

I know a lot of people who dislike fall, a lot. But why? Sure, it gets colder… But thats also one of the best things about fall. Now you can actually be inside without feeling bad for missing out on the warm weather. It’s the season where we cuddle underneath blankets with our loved ones. Lighting candles, putting fresh flowers on the table. Go out for a walk wearing a warm scarf and your favorite pair of boots and just breathing in the fresh air of Fall. The leaves change color, and fashion change style. So, what is there not to like? 
So, put a smile on your face right now, and love the season that has arrived. 

Crystal bra inspiration / & tumblr

Spikes, Glitter & Sparkle. 
This fall the Crystal Bra will be one of the IT items. Mix & match with different colors and fabrics you already have in your closet. You might find more than you think! Don’t be afraid to show the bra – thats the whole point! So show off that fabulous bra of yours!
Speaking of “finding more than you think”… Fall & Winter is coming up, perfect timing to clean and re-orginate in your closet! I bet you will find things that you totally had forgot about. Put on some music and your favorite pair of heels, try everything out & have a fun time on your “runway” while rinsing out.

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