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486180_521609167849819_1807020894_n_largeLet’s welcome December with open arms. Sure, I don’t like the cold. But winter time is something special, and christmas is just around the corner. This is the month of coziness and spending lots of time with friends and family.
Not only is it December first today, its also another big day. In a couple of hours I will tell you what I am talking about, you don’t want to miss that! 


If only more guys thought like that.

Do I even need to write something here? The Picture says it all, so true.

/pictures from WHI/

We are celebrating my 1 YEAR IN USA anniversary! 

I made it a year, I must say it was the most learning full year of my life. I truly recommend you doing something like this too. It doesn’t have to be au pair, but to leave your friends, family and your normal life for a while, to focus on yourself and become a strong and independent individual.
WOW, the feeling is amazing! 

One of my favorite things are looking through weheartit for cute & inspiring pictures.
Another favorite thing of mine are Fridays!
Have a wonderful day. XX