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Something I have been wanting to do for so long now is : Change my hair. 
I went to the saloon today, and here I am now – super happy with the result. 3 hours and a ton of shampoo/conditioner/oil, my hair couldn’t be happier, cleaner or prettier.
The picture above was my inspiration…


I must say that creativity is underestimated. The sky is the limit and you have the chance to create whatever you want. It doesn’t matter if it is a success or a failure, because you will always learn something from everything you do in life. So let your mind fly away, think about what makes you happy and follow your gut and everything should be alright. Sometimes all you need is some ideas and a open minded spirit.

With these words I would like to post this DIY post. This girl is amazing at what she does, she is creative, open minded and does what makes her happy. So check this gorgeous necklace out, and then click on her link to see how she did it.

All pictures and the idea is from this blog.

Isn’t it amazing to see someone else be that creative! I just want to get started with my own projects straight away.

There is something I love about this picture, I think its the big contrasts between black and white. Dark haired girl with black, and a blonde with white. It looks so pure and chic. I like to keep thing simple and keep to one color. And some days I can be totally the opposite, but usually if you have a bad day, or are in a rush or something like that – one colored outfit can work perfectly with your mood, and no matter what, you always look chic. 


Rebecca Stella For Nelly. Perfect for New Years!

Angelica Blick Rockin’ Gina Tricot’s sequin skirt. Perfekt for day & night.

A color I am completely on love with is Grey.
Even though I love black, gold & burgundy this fall. Grey is the biggest love of all. Goes perfectly with white, black and burgundy! I am very pleased with H&M nowadays, the two things above are on my top 3 list.

I have said it before, but I’m saying it again. Learn to love the Autumn, the colors and its beauty, and dress like your the details of fall.

I would like to own all of these items. Especially the fur coat, its a Love it/Hate it item, I guess I am on the Love it side.  Like it or Forget it? 

Something I love to play around with, is eyeshadows. There’s a billion options and colors to choose from, whether its for a girls night out or a weekend brunch with your mom. I tend to put most times on my eyes, to get the fun and mysterious look. Since I have brown eyes I have realized these colors above are my favorite match. Love it!

Whites are a safe bet, always! 
The color brings fresh life to a space and a room. Whether its furniture’s, fabrics, pillows or flooring – White’s rules! Not only does white colors make the space feel bigger, it also looks clean and fresh. Its easy to combine with, all colors works great with white, and it looks luxurious. What more can one want? Here are some of my favorite white inspiration pictures, enjoy and get inspired. 

Love white flowers, especially roses..

Love to mix and match with newer and older furnitures and styles. 

The Mannequin… 

White walls, white curtains, white desk, white chair. The combination with a lot of mirrors is perfection. 

Don’t forget the details! White books, perfumes and favorite shoes/bags are also decorative.

Fresh & Fabulous. 

There are different tones of white. There is the “colder” and there is the “warmer”. The picture are warm white colors. They get the “older” look which I love. Love the doors – you can bring the outside indoors. Super classy!

Bring the outside indoors are a really fun thing to do. Flowers, branches and look at the kitchen table above, looks homemade and looks great!

I can’t find any words for this bedroom. Its incredible! Love the orchids and love the cool mirror behind the bed. So amazing. 

/all pictures from weheartit/



I would like to own all of these items.
Right. Now.

I have fallen in love with green, spikes & leather. Is it just me?
This outfit could not only make autumn better, but raise my self-esteem to the next level. Seriously.
GO Green!

The favorite jewelry item right now: Collar

It can be found and bought in a lot of stores, and everywhere online.
Some of my favorites are from, Forever 21, and Zara. I wasn’t a big fan when they just got out, but now I am really liking it. ! Depends on what you match it with though, at least for me. I think the perfect look is to match it with something tougher and cooler, like leather and spikes. Like it or Forget it?