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Saw this picture and fell in love with her outfit. I don’t know if I would look as good as her, but here is what I would wear. Its simple, fun & hot. I love the hat too, makes it even more fun! Way to go – right?


Something I really have to tell you about is this awesome webpage I found, who sells all of Jeffrey Campbell’s shoes. They have a billion Lita’s and they are all cheaper than other webpages!
(Speciellt för er i Sverige! säljer en del, och även om jag älskar Nelly, rekommenderar jag denna sidan starkt. Billigare priser och gratis frakt över 100 dollar. Perfekt!)

Press here to come to their webpage.

/pictures are from WHI/

Whether its clothes, jewelry’s or decor – black, gold & glitter are a girls best friend. 
The combination works all day, everyday. And it will forever. I am a big fan of all of the colors, and I like how much things you can do and create with it. I am in love with the black Marc by Marc Jacobs watch above…

1. Framed Quotes. So fun & so decorative.

2. Fresh Cut Flowers. There is nothing prettier than that.

3. Metallic nails & an eye-catching ring.

4. See through plastic Clutch.

5. Fun earrings.

6. Fun Locks. In love with this, Marc Jacobs one.

7. Spike Bra.

8. Studded Converse. DIY project?

9. Whites. Everywhere.

10. Pretty Hangers.

Something I cant get enough of this fall is gold, silver, nude & black combined. Even when it comes to jewelry’s, I actually like to mix & match silver and gold now.
Leopard, Spike Cap and Skulls are the little extra detailed in a chic outfit. Above are some of my favorites out in stores right now.

My favorites this A/W are camouflage/green, grey, black and leather. It works wonderful with a lot of different colors and garments. Spikes is my weak point right now, not to much and not to little. Find your style and dress after what makes you look great and feel great. No matter what trend there is, if you’re not comfortable or like what you wear, you won’t be happy. So do and wear what makes you happy, what makes your eyes shine or whatever you want to highlight.



Greens & studs. 

Gold jewelry’s. 

I found my true LOVE. 

I vote for Claws!

Black, Leather & Spikes. What a great fall this is going to be!
I love how Gina Tricot has stepped it up to the next level. Nice & chic affordable clothes, that fits everyone. I never though I would say this, but I am looking forward coming home in November, to visit this store..

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Michael Kors

Some inspiration.

So who DO you think is the winner? 
I have been a Michael Kors fan so long, that I haven’t even realized how pretty Marc by Marc Jacobs watches were. I’ve told you before, I am not going back to Sweden without one of these on my wrist, the question is just which one.I love how the pictures above match the watch with a cool bracelet next to it. Spikes and skulls are my favorite bracelets now, and they make the watch look even better!
Got yourself a favorite one?


What a better combination is there? All your favorites in one outfit. Love the leopard pattern, spiked belt and the fringe bag. Match with some silver accessories and add your black hat, and your good to go!
Like it or forget it?