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Thursday Fun.

Started out the day with swedish breakfast at Espresso House with my sister. Scones, chai latte and new clothes. Perfect way to start a thursday. My days have been super busy so far, but a fun type of busy. Friends and family are the only things on my “To Do List” for november/december. Love it!


Saw this picture and fell in love with her outfit. I don’t know if I would look as good as her, but here is what I would wear. Its simple, fun & hot. I love the hat too, makes it even more fun! Way to go – right?

Something I can’t get enough of is exercise clothes in bright colors. It looks so good, and if you look great you will feel great, and if you feel well you will work your butt of. Win-win situation. 
So what if you stick out, and people can see you miles away? Be proud of your body and let the colors make you and other people happy and in a good mood.

• When it comes to brands and exercise clothes – I love and recommend Nike. I have had and used my tops & shoes I bought over a year ago, frequently and they are still as good as new. With that said, put a little bit more money on good clothes for your exercise, it will be worth it in the long run. 

There is something I love about this picture, I think its the big contrasts between black and white. Dark haired girl with black, and a blonde with white. It looks so pure and chic. I like to keep thing simple and keep to one color. And some days I can be totally the opposite, but usually if you have a bad day, or are in a rush or something like that – one colored outfit can work perfectly with your mood, and no matter what, you always look chic. 

Sequins or glitter items can be one of my favorite details right now. You don’t want to over-do it. But a Sequin blazer/skirt/shoes can really make you go from no to oh! Matching with basic things and simple colors make your outfit look the best and most glamourous. Something in sequin is definitely New Years Eve material..
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Is there anything that you don’t like about this outfit – hope the answer is no!
Everything from the leather pants to the knee high boots to the amazing faux fur jacket. This is definitely a 10 out of a 10. 

I bet a lot of you have seen this “Aaaa” sweater on other blogs, I actually made this collage a while ago. FYI. But anyway, I like it! I like to combine it with the rocky leather pants, and all black. Love the Faux Fur vest from I’d love to wear this outfit this fall. Would you?

Something I really love right now is a simple, yet fun top. Many days when we are in a hurry, or don’t have any creative ideas for outfits we usually just throw on a pair of jeans and a basic top, but isn’t it so much more fun with a cool top that really can make you otherwise “boring” look – look super chic?
Above are some of my favorites out in store right now. 

I have always been a H&M fan, for basic things. But they have really stepped it up and I am proud to show you this collage I put together, I love all of the items. And together – even better! I would definitely wear this Day & Night this Autumn.


Rebecca Stella For Nelly. Perfect for New Years!

Angelica Blick Rockin’ Gina Tricot’s sequin skirt. Perfekt for day & night.