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Did you fall in love with it too? (Don’t mean to brag – but look at it…) But since this was not planned, and I have been dreaming of it and then walk into this closet. How can I not be super happy?
Applauds to my parent for this amazing surprise and great work. All I need to do now is unpack my 3 suitcases from United States, and fill the closet entirely. The biggest love of all. 


Today was probably my best day ever, oh my gosh! My whole family surprised me at the airport, we all cried and hugged for a long while, and then we got back to my house and the rest of my family was there. The feeling to see your family after a year is indescribable! Not only was that more than enough for me, I stepped into my room and my mom & dad had built a DREAM CLOSET. Amazing!
I will show pictures tomorrow! So stay tuned. XX

Friday – I Love You!

And not any friday, Black Friday! I spent my night (from 00-05) shopping! Talk about shopaholic… I couldn’t be more happy with the things I got. I love it!
Whats going on otherwise? I need to start packing, and preparing for my Sweden departure on monday morning. The best feeling ever! I have a bunch of things to do, but I won’t let you down because of that, so stay tuned!

See a pattern?

The contrasts. White room with some wood or sink furnitures. That combined with open spaces and white fabrics creates a dreamy atmosphere. I love it! I have always been in love with white, but to really enjoy the white you need something in another color. What do you think?

Lately I’ve been falling for Pink Details. I’ve always thought it looked nice, but I just thought it looked to girly girl. But now, I love it!
I love to break the girly girl feeling with some black & white. This is what has inspired me to my new design of my room. Can’t wait to get started! Have you fallen for pink too?

/pictures from WHI/

We are celebrating my 1 YEAR IN USA anniversary! 

I made it a year, I must say it was the most learning full year of my life. I truly recommend you doing something like this too. It doesn’t have to be au pair, but to leave your friends, family and your normal life for a while, to focus on yourself and become a strong and independent individual.
WOW, the feeling is amazing! 

Mmm, someone else who gets hungry by looking at these pictures? Perfect time for lunch then. After eating a bunch of unhealthy food the last couple of days I am really looking forward a delicious salad today.

I know its just november and not christmas yet, but I am just so excited for a cold and white december with my family and friends I haven’t seen for a year. And by looking at these pictures I get even more excited. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday & season. Love it! Get inspired…

Who says you can’t have a christmas tree made out of wood? So creative and pretty.

Spice your sofa with a christmas pillow. 

It’s the candles season.

Let’s not forget Hot Chocolate & Gingerbread. 

I have been so bad with my workouts lately, so sad and I am not happy about it at all. But I have been so stressed out, and packing & no spare time at all. So If you have any good advice or positive comments for me, pleas share them. Otherwise, lets try to do next week better : )


Have an idea and want to give your wall a new life? 
Get a pen or a brush and some paint and follow your creative mind.
I found these pictures on WHI and was like : This is such a great idea! Its personal and fun, and the best part is that it is easy to do. Maybe a project for next weekend?