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Saw this picture and fell in love with her outfit. I don’t know if I would look as good as her, but here is what I would wear. Its simple, fun & hot. I love the hat too, makes it even more fun! Way to go – right?


Three colors that I feel is 100% right this A/W are these three. They go with the colors outside, match great together and they’ll make you look less pale in this cold season.
They work the best together with each other, white, greens and burgundy.

I have always been a H&M fan, for basic things. But they have really stepped it up and I am proud to show you this collage I put together, I love all of the items. And together – even better! I would definitely wear this Day & Night this Autumn.

A color I am completely on love with is Grey.
Even though I love black, gold & burgundy this fall. Grey is the biggest love of all. Goes perfectly with white, black and burgundy! I am very pleased with H&M nowadays, the two things above are on my top 3 list.

Any one else who’s in love with GREY?
Whether its dark or light grey, it is fabulous! It works with everything, just like black and white, but its not as dark/bright as the two colors, thats why grey is the perfect color.
Depending on how much grey you want to fill your house with, there are so many things you can get. Sofa, chairs, pillows, rugs, candles, curtains, wall color and flooring, completely in love. 

Black has and will always be the it color, that works great with other colors, but don’t forget about Grey. What I love about grey is that its basically a lighter version of black, which means it works well with other colors. My collage above is a great mixture of different styles that all goes well together because of the grey tones. So Bring the Grey out this fall!

Gray Inspiration,Whether its a jersey, a top, a denim shirt or a coat. Grey’s Rock!