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Something I cant get enough of this fall is gold, silver, nude & black combined. Even when it comes to jewelry’s, I actually like to mix & match silver and gold now.
Leopard, Spike Cap and Skulls are the little extra detailed in a chic outfit. Above are some of my favorites out in stores right now.



Greens & studs. 

Gold jewelry’s. 

I found my true LOVE. 

I vote for Claws!

Latest IT colors: Gold & Bronze. Love it! You can find the colors in the latest sequin skirts, cool pants and a lot of jewelry’s. I must say the color looks better with a tan, but let’s make the best of it.
Like my collage?

Love to combine silver, gold & bronze. I would never do it before, I was always a silver or gold girl, never both mixed. But just look at the awesome Skull-bracelet, gold & silver. And it looks great!
I would totally wear this! Works perfectly for both girls night out, classy family dinner or chic street walker.


A/W 2012

Will keep showing out favorite sparkles, the Sequin clutches. They can really give a boring outfit a whole new life. A simple & chic black outfit, and this clutch in your arm – Winner!
Like the trend too? Check out my favorite once out in store now.

If you are going for affordable right now – Go Gina Tricot & Oasis!
Marlene Birger and BCBGeneration are both higher quality, but therefor higher price. What fits your wallet right now?

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Michael Kors

Some inspiration.

So who DO you think is the winner? 
I have been a Michael Kors fan so long, that I haven’t even realized how pretty Marc by Marc Jacobs watches were. I’ve told you before, I am not going back to Sweden without one of these on my wrist, the question is just which one.I love how the pictures above match the watch with a cool bracelet next to it. Spikes and skulls are my favorite bracelets now, and they make the watch look even better!
Got yourself a favorite one?


Some inspiration a lazy Saturday. I just got back from the coziest fall festival, with plenty of pictures. Had sunshine all day long, was basically sweating in my knitted shirt and thin leather jacket. Now I will be heading out for a long walk with some favorite songs, a warm scarf and my running shoes before the dark catches up with me.  Thumbs up for weekend & fall exercise!

/pictures and idea from here/


A trend that is still hot is the sequin fabric. My favorite “DIY-blog” did this project the other day. Isn’t it smart? It took her 15 minutes to do it, you just need the fabric, a scissor, some needles and thread, and you can get started! Works perfectly for autumn, give a old knitted sweater new life and meaning. 
Like it or forget it? Do you like DIY projects, or should I stop posting that?

Some of my favorite boots out in store/online now. Can’t help that I love black boots the most, they work with everything and all colors. Any favorites? 

Three colors that will never go out of style is Black, Grey and Gold. Love them all. They match to everything, they are timeless and fabulous! Above are some of my favorite items out in stores now. Especially like the heels! Never heard of the brand before today, worth looking at.. Right here.

Stay tuned for “My Daily Workout Rutine” thats coming up later today. XO

There is a quote in swedish that says: “Yellow is ugly” -it rimes though.
Anyway, I do not agree! Do you?
I love the yellow’s this autumn. Match it with black/orange and gold. Fabulous! 
Cozy Autumn colors, I get warm just looking at the garments.