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Just want to clarify something, I will not be blogging here on any longer,
You can now find me on Please check me out there instead!redremix


486180_521609167849819_1807020894_n_largeLet’s welcome December with open arms. Sure, I don’t like the cold. But winter time is something special, and christmas is just around the corner. This is the month of coziness and spending lots of time with friends and family.
Not only is it December first today, its also another big day. In a couple of hours I will tell you what I am talking about, you don’t want to miss that! 

After a year of working hard, I wanted to give myself something very special that I have been wanting to have for a long while now. This was what I got. My own Michael Kors Bag. Absolutely stunning, it truly was love at first sight.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

One of my favorite american holidays is Thanksgiving, and that day is today! It couldn’t start out better than the sun shining in through the window. This day is going to be long, tons of food and family & friends together. I am super excited. So let’s start out with being thankful. Thank you for reading my blog, thanks to my parents who brought me to this world and thanks to everyone out there, doing something extra nice today.

Sorry for the horrible updates, so much going on right now. And so much FUN!
My new-designed blog is coming close to a finished masterpiece. I am back from 6 amazing days in California, and then I just realized I am coming home to my family & friends in 5 days. #Happiness!
Top that with this picture, I mean how can I not love my life right now? 

Speaking of hotness and abs to die for. I hope you all have seen the latest Twilight movie. It was amazing. Literally, I even cried in the end. SEE IT!

This picture was taken on my birthday two years ago. It must be one of the best birthdays ever. Just look at the food! This is one of the things I am looking forward to do when I get back to Sweden. Super delicious.

Three things that makes me happy and make life worth living are my family, traveling and cozy days. I really believe that they are underestimated, especially the cozy days! There is nothing better than just snuggling with your close ones and watch a movie you love, stay in bed all day and treat yourself with a spa day or such.
Traveling has always been one of my favorite things in life too. I just love to see new places and experience different cultures and ways of living.
What’s your most important thing in life?

California Here I Come!

After a year in the states, its time for some celebration and relaxation. And what is better than a whole week of vacation? Warm weather, Sunny days and walking around in sunglasses, shorts and a pair of flip flops.
I am going to enjoy my days more than you can imagine. I’ll try to post some pictures so you can get a sneak peak of whats going on. All done packing, 4 am my taxi will arrive and 6.30 am my flight departs.
Talk to you soon! XX

Right now I am on my way to this weekends adventure. Philadelphia here I come.
I am here for the weekend to meet up with some friends of mine, have a good time, shop and last but not least – go to a JUSTIN BIEBER concert! That might be something you didn’t know about me, but yes I am a Belieber, and I am so excited I am freaking out right now. I have waited for this concert in months now, and on Sunday it is!
I am bringing my computer, and I will try my best to update you on my weekend. XX