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Something I have been wanting to do for so long now is : Change my hair. 
I went to the saloon today, and here I am now – super happy with the result. 3 hours and a ton of shampoo/conditioner/oil, my hair couldn’t be happier, cleaner or prettier.
The picture above was my inspiration…


Is it just me who wants an upgrade?

Its fall, now is the time to  change it. Whether its color, length or my favorite: dip dye.
Above are some of my ideas right now, either dip dye (with darker brown on the top -> and lighter in the ends). Or, go back to my dark red/purple/brown days or just cut it off and go for a chic look just like Olivia Palermo.
Upgrade 2.0 is to come…

/pictures from weheartit/

LOVE the hair. LOVE the outfit.

Dip Dye Hair

Sure, it’s been popular for a while, but I am not the biggest fan of the Dip Dye color hair. It’s fun and I must say some people can really work it. But I am in love with the “Natural Dip Dye”
A lot of celebs are doing in, and I am positive I will join them as soon as the leaves turn red.
Sweet Fall..