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Something I have been wanting to do for so long now is : Change my hair. 
I went to the saloon today, and here I am now – super happy with the result. 3 hours and a ton of shampoo/conditioner/oil, my hair couldn’t be happier, cleaner or prettier.
The picture above was my inspiration…


Inspiration Boost. 
Don’t forget about your nails this A/W. They are more important then you think. They say something about who you are. Think about that next time you introduce yourself by shaking someones hand…

Mmm, someone else who gets hungry by looking at these pictures? Perfect time for lunch then. After eating a bunch of unhealthy food the last couple of days I am really looking forward a delicious salad today.

Something that makes me really happy is colorful food. Might sound funny, but if you eat food that are colorful and “pretty” you will be happier. So when you’re on a diet, or just trying to be healthy – put time into your meal. Diet doesn’t have to be a bowl of lettuce. Mix & match with fruits, vegetable and the more color – the better, or at least prettier.

– Lime, Black, Nude & Gold – 

Bracelet Skull & Gold / Urban Outfitters

Bracelet / Lou Lou

Bracelet Skull / Lou Lou

Blazer / Zara

Blouse / Zara

Top / Urban Outfitters

Bracelet / Guess

So, what do you think? 
I love the colors I have gone with, a touch of fun and summer. The colors and different textures and fabrics works well together, but also easy to mix & match with other stuff hidden in the back of the closet.
Can’t wait to wear it. Easy & Fabulous! 

Spring, summer, fall or winter – Let a color pop!
I love this trend, where you chose to go with a different color clutch. Fashionable & fun!
I just love it!
There is so many options, but I am in love with all pictures above.

Did you fall in love too?