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Finally, everything is done and I am proud to show you my finished project that I have been working on.

Welcome to my new life!

Me2 Collage

Saw this picture and fell in love with her outfit. I don’t know if I would look as good as her, but here is what I would wear. Its simple, fun & hot. I love the hat too, makes it even more fun! Way to go – right?

Inspiration Boost. 
Don’t forget about your nails this A/W. They are more important then you think. They say something about who you are. Think about that next time you introduce yourself by shaking someones hand…

Three colors that I feel is 100% right this A/W are these three. They go with the colors outside, match great together and they’ll make you look less pale in this cold season.
They work the best together with each other, white, greens and burgundy.

Just some Thanksgiving inspiration while the day is still young. I am probably digging in the turkey by the time you read this. But whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not you can still wear yellow/orange. 
Hope you all have a wonderful day. XX

Some goodies from Victoria’s Secret. PINK is the new me. 
Love it especially for workout out. The bottles they sell are a big favorite of mine!

Something very high on my wish list is NELLY.COM new brand Issue 1.3. Everything in that collection I would love to wear, and that is not often I feel that way about a brand.
Everything from sequin dresses/pants to girly and pretty lingerie and all the way to the cool side, with prints and attitude. #In love!

While I am praying for good weather tomorrow (today for you guys) I’m handing you this collage. Hope the sun will come out, so I can get some tanning done. I have so many amazing pictures from these couple of days in Santa Barbara, everything from palm trees to amazing food. Do you guys want to see them?

I bet a lot of you have seen this “Aaaa” sweater on other blogs, I actually made this collage a while ago. FYI. But anyway, I like it! I like to combine it with the rocky leather pants, and all black. Love the Faux Fur vest from I’d love to wear this outfit this fall. Would you?

Three things that makes me happy and make life worth living are my family, traveling and cozy days. I really believe that they are underestimated, especially the cozy days! There is nothing better than just snuggling with your close ones and watch a movie you love, stay in bed all day and treat yourself with a spa day or such.
Traveling has always been one of my favorite things in life too. I just love to see new places and experience different cultures and ways of living.
What’s your most important thing in life?