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I have said it before, but I’m saying it again. Learn to love the Autumn, the colors and its beauty, and dress like your the details of fall.

I would like to own all of these items. Especially the fur coat, its a Love it/Hate it item, I guess I am on the Love it side.  Like it or Forget it? 

Don’t forget about your flower pants this autumn. You can still match them with lots of warm and nice sweaters, knitwear and blazers. Works perfectly for both day & night. Rock it like this…

Love the earth tones, beige/burgundy/brown. They all fit perfectly for fall, and they all match the colorful flower pants. Match with some stylish details and accessories and you’re good to go!

The colors of the fall is literally amazing.

Even though you might be a summer girl (just like me) there is still so many things to love about fall. Just by walking outside the door, I get inspired! The color of the leaves, the chilly temperature makes me want to dress in Burgundy, Orange & Yellow. Now, we can finally wear out warm knitted sweaters and fantastic boots that we have been longing for to wear.
Love all the items in the collage above, perfect for fall!

This A/W’s Have to Have.

1. Over Size Coat. 2. Michael Kors Watch (gold!) 3. Beauty products in Burgundy tone. 4. Leather pants in the hotest Autumn color 2012. 5. Knee High boots, as seen on the runway – they will rock your outfit!
Like it or Forget it?



A website I found recently, that I am now in love with is, Romwe. I get goosebumps everytime I look at their New Arrivals. Even though I am a summer girl from top to toe, there is something very special about autumn. The leaves change color, it gets a litte bit colder, it gets darker earlier. Now you can lighten those candles, cuddle in the sofa with a big blanket & best of all – Look amazing on the streets! 
Leather, spikes, knitwear and my three favorite colors this fall : Black, off-white & Burgundy.
All the items above are from ROMWE. Check it out now!