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An hour wait for my friend at Philadelphia bus station ended with some online shoe-shopping.
Ooops… Like them?

My favorites this A/W are camouflage/green, grey, black and leather. It works wonderful with a lot of different colors and garments. Spikes is my weak point right now, not to much and not to little. Find your style and dress after what makes you look great and feel great. No matter what trend there is, if you’re not comfortable or like what you wear, you won’t be happy. So do and wear what makes you happy, what makes your eyes shine or whatever you want to highlight.

Who doesn’t love the Sequin Skirt? This one if from H&M, affordable and chic.
Even if its glamourous it can still be worn during the day, match it with a cozy knitted sweater, some cool and comfortable boots and some “dress down” accessories. And for the night, dress it up with a cool top/body thats see through, I love that! Change from boots to a pair of your favorite heels, and keep it simple & chic.

Don’t forget about your flower pants this autumn. You can still match them with lots of warm and nice sweaters, knitwear and blazers. Works perfectly for both day & night. Rock it like this…

Love the earth tones, beige/burgundy/brown. They all fit perfectly for fall, and they all match the colorful flower pants. Match with some stylish details and accessories and you’re good to go!

Some of my favorite boots out in store/online now. Can’t help that I love black boots the most, they work with everything and all colors. Any favorites? 

The colors of the fall is literally amazing.

Even though you might be a summer girl (just like me) there is still so many things to love about fall. Just by walking outside the door, I get inspired! The color of the leaves, the chilly temperature makes me want to dress in Burgundy, Orange & Yellow. Now, we can finally wear out warm knitted sweaters and fantastic boots that we have been longing for to wear.
Love all the items in the collage above, perfect for fall!

Get the awesome street style.

A couple of my favorite examples. Affordable and chic. 
Like it or Forget it?

Black does not have to be boring or dark. Black is a never-dying IT color in fashion. Its a color that can be worn all year around, looks great with a tan during summer or match your pale skin during fall/winter.
Here are some black goodies I have found out for you. I love the boot and the heel from Zara. Allsaints clutches are amazing, and the leather look from Romwe is perfection.
Like it or forget it?

Three colors that will never go out of style is Black, Grey and Gold. Love them all. They match to everything, they are timeless and fabulous! Above are some of my favorite items out in stores now. Especially like the heels! Never heard of the brand before today, worth looking at.. Right here.

Stay tuned for “My Daily Workout Rutine” thats coming up later today. XO

There is a quote in swedish that says: “Yellow is ugly” -it rimes though.
Anyway, I do not agree! Do you?
I love the yellow’s this autumn. Match it with black/orange and gold. Fabulous! 
Cozy Autumn colors, I get warm just looking at the garments.