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Three colors that I feel is 100% right this A/W are these three. They go with the colors outside, match great together and they’ll make you look less pale in this cold season.
They work the best together with each other, white, greens and burgundy.

Just some Thanksgiving inspiration while the day is still young. I am probably digging in the turkey by the time you read this. But whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not you can still wear yellow/orange. 
Hope you all have a wonderful day. XX

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Is there anything that you don’t like about this outfit – hope the answer is no!
Everything from the leather pants to the knee high boots to the amazing faux fur jacket. This is definitely a 10 out of a 10. 

I have always been a H&M fan, for basic things. But they have really stepped it up and I am proud to show you this collage I put together, I love all of the items. And together – even better! I would definitely wear this Day & Night this Autumn.

/pictures are from WHI/

Whether its clothes, jewelry’s or decor – black, gold & glitter are a girls best friend. 
The combination works all day, everyday. And it will forever. I am a big fan of all of the colors, and I like how much things you can do and create with it. I am in love with the black Marc by Marc Jacobs watch above…

I hope all of you are following Angelica Blick? And if you do, you probably saw this outfit a couple days ago. So amazing! /pictures are borrowed from her blog, here/
The Feather look is either a “I love it” or “I hate it” look, and I am definitely on the I love it side. However if you think its a little too much, I found another store who sells the same kind of feather but on a skirt. Fabulous! This outfit down below is definitely something I would wear! 

Love the knee high boots, the feather skirt and keeping to black and a few golden accessories.

Black, Leather & Spikes. What a great fall this is going to be!
I love how Gina Tricot has stepped it up to the next level. Nice & chic affordable clothes, that fits everyone. I never though I would say this, but I am looking forward coming home in November, to visit this store..

My brain is overloaded with ideas right now. After living in a not-so-me room for a year now, I can’t wait to come home to my loved and modern bedroom. However even though I kind of promised my parents I was done re-doing my room, I might change it just one more timeCheck some of my ideas, and inspiration for my future space. 

One thing I am sure about is the colors. White + me = Match. But instead of my green tones in my room, I will change those to the more girly and luxurious pinks. Love the curtains on the picture above, wow to the fabric and the color. Perfection.

Black & White work every time. I love the modern style, combined with soft details like rounded vases, Round tables and pretty flowers. The best thing with the color-flower trend is that you can change color on your choice of flowers, and all of the sudden – a whole different room. 

I love the idea of decoration your room with your clothes and accessories. (As long as you keep it organized and tidy) Mirrors & shelves are the top of the mountain. Cool boxes and comfortable footstool can also add the little extra to the room/space.

The Details are not the details, the details makes the design” Don’t forget its your room and space. Which means just that, its yours. But to add that personal touch, create something on your own. Write down your favorite quote and frame it. Make your own jewelry’s and decorate your room with them. Find cute candleholders and boxes that says: You.

Last but not least. Mix & Match with different fabrics, styles and surfaces. Since I am very much into white and pink, black and ceramics are some really good colors and textiles to “spice it up” a little bit. Love rough & pretty at the same time.

Do you like my ideas and tips?

Some of my favorite boots out in store/online now. Can’t help that I love black boots the most, they work with everything and all colors. Any favorites? 

Get the awesome street style.

A couple of my favorite examples. Affordable and chic. 
Like it or Forget it?