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Saw this picture and fell in love with her outfit. I don’t know if I would look as good as her, but here is what I would wear. Its simple, fun & hot. I love the hat too, makes it even more fun! Way to go – right?


After a year of working hard, I wanted to give myself something very special that I have been wanting to have for a long while now. This was what I got. My own Michael Kors Bag. Absolutely stunning, it truly was love at first sight.

Three colors that I feel is 100% right this A/W are these three. They go with the colors outside, match great together and they’ll make you look less pale in this cold season.
They work the best together with each other, white, greens and burgundy.

Just some Thanksgiving inspiration while the day is still young. I am probably digging in the turkey by the time you read this. But whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not you can still wear yellow/orange. 
Hope you all have a wonderful day. XX

I must say that creativity is underestimated. The sky is the limit and you have the chance to create whatever you want. It doesn’t matter if it is a success or a failure, because you will always learn something from everything you do in life. So let your mind fly away, think about what makes you happy and follow your gut and everything should be alright. Sometimes all you need is some ideas and a open minded spirit.

With these words I would like to post this DIY post. This girl is amazing at what she does, she is creative, open minded and does what makes her happy. So check this gorgeous necklace out, and then click on her link to see how she did it.

All pictures and the idea is from this blog.

Isn’t it amazing to see someone else be that creative! I just want to get started with my own projects straight away.

Something very high on my wish list is NELLY.COM new brand Issue 1.3. Everything in that collection I would love to wear, and that is not often I feel that way about a brand.
Everything from sequin dresses/pants to girly and pretty lingerie and all the way to the cool side, with prints and attitude. #In love!

Santa Barbara update: Woke up and looked out, and guess what I saw? The Ocean!
I haven’t woken up with that view for a while, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to wake up. Unfortunately the weather isn’t its best, but its still morning, so there is still hope out there.

Anyway, above is a amazing A/W “I want” collage made out of the trendiest colors right now. In love with the blue, and especially together with black, grey and silver.
Later, there will be a wished-for workout post. 

I have always been a H&M fan, for basic things. But they have really stepped it up and I am proud to show you this collage I put together, I love all of the items. And together – even better! I would definitely wear this Day & Night this Autumn.

A color I am completely on love with is Grey.
Even though I love black, gold & burgundy this fall. Grey is the biggest love of all. Goes perfectly with white, black and burgundy! I am very pleased with H&M nowadays, the two things above are on my top 3 list.

Some of my darlings out in store right now, and the worst part of it is that they are all calling my name! Only one problem, I am saving like a maniac so I can shop in California.. but why did God create all these online-shopping-heavens?