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Hi guys! I can see that a lot of you still follows this blog, be aware that I am NOT blogging here anymore. 
You can find me on WWW.BYDENICE.COM

I hope you’ll like that blog even better, XXBild


Right now I am on my way to this weekends adventure. Philadelphia here I come.
I am here for the weekend to meet up with some friends of mine, have a good time, shop and last but not least – go to a JUSTIN BIEBER concert! That might be something you didn’t know about me, but yes I am a Belieber, and I am so excited I am freaking out right now. I have waited for this concert in months now, and on Sunday it is!
I am bringing my computer, and I will try my best to update you on my weekend. XX

October is the month where you can help out a little extra. Maybe someone you know have it, or maybe not. But anyway, lets come together for the people in need. Let’s make the world a better place with longer life, and there are things you can do right now to help out. The collage above shows some Jewelry that you can buy, to both look good and support services to women in need.
So go out there, and try to be a role-model to others, and help. It doesn’t have to cost a penny, just get involved.

For United States – help out here. / För Sverige – Stötta här. ♥

You know what they say right? 
The More you laugh, the longer you’ll live – so start laughing!

10 Fast Ones,



Clothes/Make up




Morning workout/Evening workout



Morning person/Night person



T u e s d a y   M o r n i n g ,
I had one of those girly days, long shower, new nail polish & a hair mask. After a cup of green tea I am now ready for my massage appointment. Wow, life is good today.

Finally! The Big Apple is mine for 3 days.

In 11 days I’m there. Shopping, laughing, friends, coffee, sightseeing & fun. Can’t wait!
If anyone knows any good vintage stores, or anything else you can recommend for a 3rd time Visit to NYC, let me know. ♥

The two hottest guys right now,

Joel Kinnaman & Douglas Booth. Talk about eyecandy… Joel Kinnaman is most famous for his part in “Easy Money” and the second movie is now out in theaters in Sweden. W.O.W.
Douglas Booth just caught my eye recently when I happened to find him in a Miley Cyrus movie “LOL” which I can really recommend by the way. I have seen that movie 6 times in 5 days now, crazy addicted. Do you agree or what?