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Picture from Sturbock. 

Wow, amazing!
If only I lived somewhere where this was actually possible..
I love how they decorate the outside with trendy furnitures & accessories that usually go inside.
The fabriks are gorgeous and the entire atmosphere feels very luxurious and stylish.
LOVE. Love. Love.


Latest: Flowers on the Wall

Do you have an empty wall waiting for a new life?
Decorate it with the latest trend: Nature.
Plastic, Dried or fresh flowers, how ever YOU want it – YOU can make it!

Kitchen Inspiration 101.

One of my favorite rooms in the house must be the kitchen. But only if the kitchen has an open concept and are surrounded with comfortable areas for the loved ones. Kitchen is the main place where you create, where amazing scents and deliciousness comes to life.
I am dreaming of one of these kitchens, White & White. But some contrast color and A Lot of flowers.
YES Please.


Inspiration 101.
There is nothing better than daydreaming about a future home, especially not when these houses are the choices.
I guess I better get to work if I will ever afford a house like that…
You can always dream – can’t you?




Not only are mirrors super pretty, we use them everyday – a lot more than we think.
They work for us, and our space.
The best thing about them are that they make the room feel bigger, the light bounces on the mirrors and back into the room and creates a more spacious feeling.
So, How Come We Usually Only Have One?

Be different and have fun with it! Create a collage with mirrors on one of your empty walls.
And It works in every room in the house!
Now you have a bigger, more spacious and prettier room.