Full name? Denice Linnea Lindell
Birth year? 
How tall are you? 167cm /5.5”
Play any instruments? Not anymore, I played the bass for 3 years in middle school (?)
Your first thought when you wake up? Is it Saturday?
Where are you right now? In the United States.
Do you bite your nails? No thank you, my mom feed me better things.
What are you good at? What am I not good at?
Do you have any pets? A dog in the US and a cat in Sweden.
Single/Relationship? I’m riding solo.
Hottest guys? Sean Faris, Douglas Booth & Cam Gigandet.
What would you like to have right now? Sun & warmth.
Your goal in life? To be happy and get my dream job.
Scared of? Clowns, Horror movies and German Shephard dogs.
Do have a friend that you’ve known over 10 years? Yes.
Do you have your drivers license? Absolutely, I don’t know what I would do without it.
What was another name your parent wanted to give you? Cassandra, or Glenn (?) if I was a boy (Yes, my dad is from Gothenburg)
Pepsi eller Coca cola? Diet Coke.
Do you sing? Everywhere, all the time. In the car and shower are my favorite spots.
Shoe size? 37
Do you ever want to get married? Of course!(Not when I am drunk though)
Are you a healthy-freak? Yes and no. I live my life pretty healthy but from time to time I treat myself.
Do you agree/ get along with your parents? Most of the time, sometimes I feel like we are too alike to function.
What does your hair look like? Long, light brown/orange (!?)
Gröna Lund or Liseberg? Liseberg Always.
What garment would you like to own right now? A Leather jacket from Zara.
Tattoos? To be continued…
Do you have any piercings? Ears for the win.
Do you have glasses? No, perfect eyesight.
What does your wallet look like? Filled with coins.
Your perfect Pizza? Parma ham, mozzarella, tomato & artichokes.
Favorite season? Summer.
Favorite drink & food? Water, homemade taco and tenderloin.
Favorite animal? Dolphin, Lion
Favorite perfume? DKNY, delicious
What was the last thing you bought? Postcards
How much money do you have? Not enough
How do you end a phone call? Pusshaj
What were you doing 8am this morning? Walked my dog in pouring rain.
What did you do ten minutes ago? Cuddling with my dog.
What have you been drinking today? Milk & water.
What was the last thing you ate? Marabou (swedish chocolate)
What color is your front door? Red in the US, White in Sweden.
Favorite Ice Cream flavour? Cookie dough
Are you a heavy sleeper? Yes.
Do you dream nightmares? No.
Favorite clothes? Shorts & flip-flops.
Mood right now? Anxious.
Favorite candy? Chocolate!
Plans for 2013? Travel, study & be an awesome aunt.
How many pillows do you sleep with? 4 or 2
Morning or evening-person? Summertime -both, wintertime –neither.
Are you ticklish? Oh my gosh YES.
Star-sign? Genimi (tvilling)
Tidy or messy? TIDY, but I am not a cleaning freak.
What are you looking forward to right now? Seeing Justin Bieber on Sunday!
If you could bring a dead person alive, who would it be? My grandma.
What do you expect within 10 years?
Love my job, be married and love life.
Do you miss anyone right now? My family and my best friends in Sweden.
Whats your favorite bodypart? My legs and feet.
Do you want to have kids? Yes! A boy and a little girl.
Are you a nice person? I think so, at least my friends tell me I am.
Are you shy? Not usually, but sometimes.
Do you like your accent? My swedish no, my english yes.
Siblings, and their ages? Two older brothers, 23 & 28
Do people think your good looking? Well I got 105 likes on my latest picture on facebook. As a dude…
Are you craving something right now? My moms homemade healthy bread with swedish cheese.
Do you read horoscope? Sometimes for fun, but I don’t believe it.
Bed size? Two 120cm beds
What was the last thing you watched on tv? New Girl. Love it.

Me 10 years ago.