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I must say that creativity is underestimated. The sky is the limit and you have the chance to create whatever you want. It doesn’t matter if it is a success or a failure, because you will always learn something from everything you do in life. So let your mind fly away, think about what makes you happy and follow your gut and everything should be alright. Sometimes all you need is some ideas and a open minded spirit.

With these words I would like to post this DIY post. This girl is amazing at what she does, she is creative, open minded and does what makes her happy. So check this gorgeous necklace out, and then click on her link to see how she did it.

All pictures and the idea is from this blog.

Isn’t it amazing to see someone else be that creative! I just want to get started with my own projects straight away.

Amazing. Something I am really fascinating over are finger nails. Not the nails in it self, but cool nail polishes and designs. There are so many people out there who are so creative! I am so jealous over their energy and time to create the smallest little drawing on a nail, but wow what a result. Are you getting as inspired as I am? What Nails are you going for this Fall?

(pictures from tumblr)

Cheap, Cool, Creative & Fun!

Latest raw trend within interior, its been out for a while, but more and more people are actually starting to create more and cooler things with these wooden pallets nowadays. It doesn’t have to cost you much, and you can really make a difference by changing some furnitures into this. Once you bought one or two, you can switch its purpose, maybe use it in the livingroom as a sofa/coffee table for a while, and then mix it up in the bedroom. There’s plenty of ideas, best part of it is – It will be YOUR one of a kind masterpiece.

pictures borrowed from a pair and a spare. 

I cannot get enough of DIY projects! This time I’ve found another great project from a pair and a spare
This time its an easy one, but so trendy and useable. A great clutch for this fall. 
To find out exactly how to do it here.


What does fall mean to you?
Fall means PROJECTS for me.

Okay, maybe shorts are supposed to be put away from now on. But who doesn’t want a DIY tip that you can prepare? Why stress when summer is here, much better to create in peace and quiet.
Anyway. From a boring old pair of Jeans, that you actually don’t really like anymore. Get your scissor out and now you can create two things out of one. a pair of rocky denim shorts (maybe add some spikes?) and a super trendy denim clutch. It’s on my Fall To Do List. Is it on yours? 

Do you feel like you have things everywhere? Do you have a problem storing all your kids drawings/greeting cards or important notes?
My tip is to gather everything in one place. Create a trendy & fun wall with memories & important messages.  Tighten up some wires (available at Ikea) and voilá, you’ve got yourself a great solution to the storage problem, and a stylish wall decoration.

Decorating Tips – it’s always nicer to collect everything in one place than to spread it out here and there.

Picture & inspiration is from a lovely swedish interior-design blogg. here

you’ve got yourself a new item in your closet. 

Easy & fun projects are the best things in a busy week. Plan to do something fun this weekend, on your own or with a buddy. All you need is a shirt you barely wear (but would like to, if a change came around), a scissor & some time. You don’t even have to wait for the weekend, panicking of what to wear tomorrow? Spend the night with this project and you will look fabulous tomorrow at work.
There is nothing like a homemade garment, that can raise your self-esteem and your design skills. Good luck!


This fall, attention will be drawn to your finger nails. Whether you rock it with black nails, or continue on with the ‘4 same, 1 odd’ trend, put time and effort to your nails!
I think I will mix the to ideas above, how about 4 black and one with silver/gold glitter? Could look pretty awesome!
Good Luck!

Sunday – A day for relaxation & crafts.
The IT trend has for a while been Spikes. I never wan’t it to go out of style, cause I love it! It’s so chic and you can create your own spike projects. Such as update a old pair of Converse, pimp your iPhone Case, why not make your own spike bracelet? There is a million things you can do. All you need is some spikes, glue and a creative head.
Good Luck!

Söndag – En dag för avslappning & pyssel. 
IT trenden som har funnits ett tag är Nitarna. Jag vill aldrig att det ska bli omodernt, jag älskar det! Det är så trendigt och fräckt på samma gång. Det bästa är att du kan skapa dina egna Nit-projekt. Enkla saker som att uppdatera ett par gamla tråkiga Converse, style’a ditt iPhone skal, eller varför inte göra ett eget one-of-a-kind nit armband? Det finns miljontals saker att göra. Allt du behöver är nitar, lim och ett kreativt huvud. 
Lycka Till!

One of my absolute favorites right now, is the Open Back. 
It was a great hit this summer, but who says you can’t keep wearing it this upcoming fall?
Just switch out your shorts with a pair of long leather pants and some nice details of your choice.
Absolutely Love It.

* If you are one of the creative ones out there, no need to spend money on buying one. Take out a scissor, and your sewing machine and get started! There is no limit for creativity. 

En av mina absoluta favoriter just nu, är den öppna ryggen. 
Den slog igenom stort i somras, men vem säger att du inte kan fortsätta använda den till hösten?
Byt ut dina shorts till ett par långa läder/skinn byxor och matcha med fina detaljer som du tycker om. 
Fullständigt Älskar Det.

* Om du är en av de kreativa där ute, ingen grund att spendera pengar på att köpa en. Ta fram en sax och symaskin och börja direkt! Det finns ingen begränsning för kreativitet. 

Good Luck! Lycka Till!