Sorry, this post got so delayed, but the hurricane Sandy came in over Pennsylvania as well, so I was busy preparing for the storm. Hope this was worth the wait. XX

Found this store in downtown SoHo, close to All Saints, fell in love with this store, the garments, the accessories and its interior. 

I can strongly recommend to go up in Rockefeller Center “Top of the Rock” instead of Empire State Building, not only is it cheaper but you also get to see the Empire State Building. 

New York City’s biggest Victoria’s Secret store. With 3 floors, you can’t go out without a bag in your hand. I fell in love with the lower floor that was filled with their new Sport Collection. WOW.


The view from the “Top of the Rock” /Rockefeller Center was breathtaking. 

All Pictures Taken and Edited by Me. 

So, it’s safe to say that I had a great weekend. I got to see a bunch of thing, shop a lot of nice things and take pictures of this amazing city. This was my forth visit to NYC. It really is a nice city, a city that never sleeps and the smartest city when it comes to how its build. This is probably the only city in the world where you don’t need a map to find your way.
I am happy I got back right before the hurricane hit NYC, since they shot down busses, trains and even cancelled flights. Lucky me. 

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