Workout – Find what makes you happy!

Lets start with being honest and clarifying a couple of things. You aren’t superwoman, you are human and so is your body and feelings. With these workout posts, I want to motivate you to become healthier and happier, and feel good about yourself.
The last thing I want to do, is make you feel bad about yourself because you just eat a cookie, or because you don’t have a body like the Victoria’s Secret girls.
I want to motivate you to be happy, find that one things that can get you both healthy and happy. I am far from perfect myself, but I try. Everything is about YOU. 

I work out to feel happy, get a better skin, meet new people, get the chance to move to my favorite beats and to feel confident in a bikini. Everyone has different goals, and thats how its suppose to be, so don’t compare yourself to others. No matter what, you are always going to be wanting what you can’t/don’t have. If you are skinny, you want to be bigger, If you are short, you want to be tall, If you have green eyes, you want to have brown. You know what I am saying right? So start being happy with the things that you have and that makes you, YOU. 

1. Find what makes you happy! If it is running – Run, if it is killing abs – Kill abs, if its shaking you butt in Zumba – then do that! Workout and exercise is that simple. Don’t do things that doesn’t feel good for you, or makes you feel uncomfortable. Try different things and do what fits best for you!

2. Do it the natural way. Which means; don’t get started on pills you’ve found online thats suppose to help you lose weight fast. You can add Omega 3, and vitamins that will treat your body right, but stay away from the “I will get you in shape in a week – pills”. (I tried Hydroxycut cause I was desperate for a change, I don’t recommend it because I couldn’t sleep, I was noxious all day long, and in the long turn it really wasn’t worth it)

3. Eat what you want, but don’t overdo it. I think the problem that many people never reach their goal or keep going back and forth with diets is because they are too hard on themselves. I am not sayin; Go ahead, eat a cheesecake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But you are human, you only live once! If you feel like a cheesecake – eat it. But eat it slow and as soon as you feel, I better stop now – stop. Don’t eat the entire peace cause “its your only treat this week, better finish it”. Thats the thing that will make you gain. Don’t eat until you feel like you could throw up – eat until you feel like you could have a little bit more, thats the perfect “place” to stop at.

4. Come up with a new treat. I love the quote above, so true and funny.
Yes, you can treat yourself with food, a dessert on saturday night maybe, but don’t always treat yourself with unhealthy food. How are you suppose to lose weight / get toned if you keep feeding your body with things that doesn’t help. (I treated myself with a 60 min body massage last week, my body was so sore from working out, it was the perfect treat)

5. It’s all about when & where. I treat myself with food sometimes too. My weakness is chocolate, donuts and chocolate chip bagels. Not the best options for my body though. So what I do is; Eat it and then I move my body to the gym. I am not saying you never can treat yourself without going to the gym, but for me thats how I like to do it. Since you need carbs before a workout, and sugar gives you energy and a rush – why not use it? (Don’t go eating donuts and chocolate before every workout now!) 

6. The secret to those extra minutes of your workout. When I feel like I have reached my limit, and feel like – I really cant do it any more. I put on my favorite song, which makes me smile and since I don’t want to turn the song off, I keep running/biking/doing my sit-ups until the song is over. You have it in you, its just your head that tells you “Now I am tired” So just push yourself those extra couple of minutes, and you will prove your head wrong. 

7. Look trough fun pictures on tumblr and we heart it before a workout. Search Motivation, workout & Quotes. That really gives a kick! Not only will you get a laugh, you will get inspired of other people. (I love the “Run like you stole something” quote, wow that was a great laugh!) Because, remember – you’re not the only one out there fighting for a better lifestyle! 

8. Happy Girls are the Prettiest! Remember, even though you are working your butt off to look “better”, don’t forget the most important thing: Your smile! Whether you are tall or short, skinny or bigger, your smile is the prettiest thing you’ve got and if you are happy, other people will be too!

9. Be Honest to yourself. If you write in a workout/food book like me, be honest to yourself. Even though you want to only see good food and long workouts in there, you are human. If you eat something that is not on the healthy side, write it and be honest. Or if someone asked you what you had for breakfast, don’t lie to sound better, be yourself and be proud that you are not perfect.

10. The difference between a Sore or Damaged body. I don’t know if you knew it, but the best way to get rid of a sore body, is to workout. Your body needs to move when its sore, so even though it feel horrible, do it – but in a reasonable way. You don’t need to push yourself to death, just move your body. Careful, DON’T train if you are injured or hurt, thats a whole other thing. If you are hurt, check it out and rest. The last thing you need is to be more injured.

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