Don’t we all just dream of that perfect walk-in-closet. A space where we can show off all of our pretty garments and amazing shoes. A space where you feel like the luckiest woman alive, a space that’s yours. Well, truth be told – not everyone has the space, the house or the money to have it, but we can still wish for it can’t we? 
I am also going to show some creative ways everyone can do. Hope you’ll like it. 

Three Letters. W.O.W. 
Amazing, and the best part of it is that you can build this too! All you need is a wall, some time and a hammer. Let’s get on it. 

Create your own little corner in your room. You can get cheap dress racks, or build your own ones. Get some pretty hangers and there you have it, your own little “look-at-closet”.

I love this idea! Take a trip/walk to the woods, get a nice big branch with a fun touch to it, like this one above. Paint it white and Tadaa! So cool & creative!

Another fun & different tips is: Save your shoe boxes, or at least some of them. They look great as decoration! What I love about this picture above is that they have “shown off” the clothes in the same color pallet. Absolutely love that idea.

Don’t be afraid to use space! So what if more than half of your room is filled with shoes and clothes. Always remember, its your room – do what YOU want to do with it!
+ Use the height of the room. If you have high-ceilings, take advantage of it!

Last but not least, decorate with your favorite shoes or items. It’s cool to be different and to stand out. Show off you beloved things. 

Like it, Love it or Dislike it?