10 Things To Get You There.

1. Get a Buddy. It can be your BFF, your boyfriend, your dad or even your dog! To have someone next to you will help you reach your goal faster and you will have more fun on the way to your goal.

2. Eat Right. I know you’ve probably heard it a billion times before. But the truth is that around 90% is about what you feed your body with. This means – you don’t even have to workout if all you want to do is lose weight. But if you do both, both you and your body will start to live a whole new life, a healthier life.

3. Realize that exercise doesn’t have to be as hard as you thought. Its up to you, only you what and when you want to do it. If you feel like “I hate the gym, I’m just going to stay here in the sofa instead” Well think again. It okay to feel that, but instead of just ignoring the exercise, think – “what would make me feel good, what kind of exercise?” Maybe the sun is shining outside – then go outside for a walk/power walk/run, or maybe a bike ride? Or just take your dog out for a long walk, by that you are helping the dog out too. Just try to do what you think is fun, and do it.

4. Get your lazy but of the couch! Sure its so cozy to watch that movie or that episode, but really – do you really need to? Try to limit your TV & Computer time. (I am just as bad) But time just run pass you when you’re sitting there. Try to limit it to 1/2 hours in the evening, and something in the morning maybe. Try to move as much as possible, our everyday exercise is so important to us, so think about that next time you are bored, before you turn the TV on.

5. Look great & feel great! Its just a fact that if we were something we like, we feel great. No matter if it is a tight dress or our favorite pair of jeans or as in this case – Nice exercise clothes. Pick a color that fits you and makes you happy. Spend some money in the beginning for a nice, new outfit. The better quality the longer you can have it! (Nike is my absolute favorite)

6. Get personal, but not too personal. (This is very individual though)
Don’t go bragging about your new diet and new lifestyle, at least not in the beginning when its still new. The last thing you want to do is telling everyone that Today is the beginning of my new life, and then one day you have a week point and end up eating a whole bowl of chips – next to your friend – opssie…
Take it slow, tell people you know will support you and not judge! You are still human, and its okay to have bad days where you eat things you shouldn’t have. But that’s life, and its your choice. Just think about what you tell friends and family.

7. Just Do It. Who knew it would be that hard to get to the gym. Some days everything-in-the-whole-wide-world seems so much better than going to the gym, seriously – Everything! But Just Do it. Get your lazy butt in the car, or on the bike and go to the gym! Once you get there, hear the music, see all the other people sweating and working their butts off – you will get motivated, trust me! 

8. Music For The Win! I don’t know about you, but there is nothing that gets me more motivated, speeded or happy than music. Or at least not my favorite music! So, this means; create an awesome workout list on your phone/ipod. The better and fast song, the better you’ll be! (I was running the treadmill and was so tired, then right when I was about to step off my favorite song came on – it was like a sign to stay on, so there I was running 3,5 minute extra because of a song!)

9. Do it right – not stress. If you know what you want, maybe Beach 2013 maybe. Don’t start working out and trying to reach your dream body in May. It does not work like that, at least not if you want to do it in a healthy way. Start slow in the fall or winter. A couple times a week, and add more days & more exercises the longer you go. Don’t stress, that will only break you down in the long run. So get started in time!

10. Let things around you, motivate you! Look through magazines, look at pictures and google workout quotes. It might sound silly, but it works! (At least for me, when I see a picture of my kind of dream body I get so motivated right away. Its not like another cookie is going to get me closer to that body) Think of a person you know and admire, ask her or him for tips and ideas and then think for yourself; “If he/she can do it – I can do it! 

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