Don’t blame it on Fall…

Yes, Fall is here and yes it is a lot colder outside. So?
That doesn’t mean you can’t stay healthy and workout. Just because you can’t run in shorts outside, the run is still possible. Enjoy the pretty trees while running/power-walking outside, put on a long pair of pants and a comfortable long sleeve workout shirt and you are good to go.
Okay, lets say you don’t want to be outside because of the temperature, the gym is calling.
Finally we can go to the gym without a rush of missing out on tanning minutes. Now we can stay in and keep warm while the wind is cold outside.

5 things to help you out.

1. Outside workout clothes can also be good looking! You will feel better and more comfortable if you can find good workout clothes that resist sweat, so you don’t sweat in your favorite shirt…
Find a cool pair of good outside running shoes, and add some color to your outfit! Don’t be afraid of sticking out, thats a good thing!

2. Put up goals before, “this week I will go to the gym twice, run once, and walk with the dog twice” and then write down, so you can keep track. If you have reachable goal, you will try to reach them. Start lower and work yourself up to higher goals.

3. Make plans after your workout/walk. This one is my biggest weakness, if you plan to do something or meet someone, its easy that the meeting will take over the workout, and then you’ll feel bad because you didn’t exercise. So try to get your daily exercise in the morning, before the “real” day starts.

4. Let your brain take a break and new inspiration. Both work and school needs a fresh brain, with that I mean exercise will you help think right and have the energy to do it. If you have to study for a big test, take a brake halftime (not to watch TV or be lazy) tie your running shoes and go outside, maybe the colors and fresh air will make you think clearer and get some new ideas. A bike ride is also a great workout and can be perfect if you need something from the store or run an errand. “Kill two birds with one stone”

5. Treat yourself with a warm cup of tea, or make something delicious and healthy with apples. This is the perfect time for good apples. So on your way back from your walk, bring some colorful apples home with you and surprise the rest of your family with some apple sauce or a healthier version of apple pie.