My brain is overloaded with ideas right now. After living in a not-so-me room for a year now, I can’t wait to come home to my loved and modern bedroom. However even though I kind of promised my parents I was done re-doing my room, I might change it just one more timeCheck some of my ideas, and inspiration for my future space. 

One thing I am sure about is the colors. White + me = Match. But instead of my green tones in my room, I will change those to the more girly and luxurious pinks. Love the curtains on the picture above, wow to the fabric and the color. Perfection.

Black & White work every time. I love the modern style, combined with soft details like rounded vases, Round tables and pretty flowers. The best thing with the color-flower trend is that you can change color on your choice of flowers, and all of the sudden – a whole different room. 

I love the idea of decoration your room with your clothes and accessories. (As long as you keep it organized and tidy) Mirrors & shelves are the top of the mountain. Cool boxes and comfortable footstool can also add the little extra to the room/space.

The Details are not the details, the details makes the design” Don’t forget its your room and space. Which means just that, its yours. But to add that personal touch, create something on your own. Write down your favorite quote and frame it. Make your own jewelry’s and decorate your room with them. Find cute candleholders and boxes that says: You.

Last but not least. Mix & Match with different fabrics, styles and surfaces. Since I am very much into white and pink, black and ceramics are some really good colors and textiles to “spice it up” a little bit. Love rough & pretty at the same time.

Do you like my ideas and tips?