I know that you guys like my workout/healthy posts. So this collage is created to tell and inspire you to better choices in your life. Just for fun, and because its good for you, your health and you body.

My favorite exercise routine is at the gym. I know a lot of girls who are “afraid” of the gym, because they think they will end up looking like the beast with the biggest muscles, ever. But no.
There are a lot of equipment’s that are so good, even though Cardio is still very important – the gym is still the better place to burn more calories, believe it or not.  

My Favorites:

* Fish! I could eat fish everyday if that was the case. Fish (like salmon, tuna) are a really good fat source. Healthy and delicious. There are a ton of different lunches/dinners you can make with just some salad/vegetables/rice & Fish.

* Nuts! When I feel like having a snack, I try to control myself, its easy to stick your hand in the cookie cabinet and bring something not so healthy out… But nuts is a great snack! They make you feel full pretty quickly and they taste yummy, and they are healthy. (Almonds and Walnuts are the better choices, and unsalted even better)

* Weight Training! Like I said above, weight training doesn’t mean that you will become a “hulk – look-a-like” Its a great way to build some muscles, tighten up your body, especially butt & abs. If you don’t know how the machines works, or don’t understand how to do it. Ask someone at the gym / book a meeting with a personal trainer. Don’t feel embarrassed, its your body and your life – isn’t it worth asking a simple question for that?

* Fruits & Delicious things that can be made out of it! Smoothies, and fruitsalads. Yummy! Do I even have to say more?…

* Oats & Fibers. My absolute favorite is – oatmeal. A great thing to have for breakfast, topped with some fruit & nuts. Its also an easy thing to do for lunch/dinner if you don’t feel like having something big.

* Butt/Abs exercises at home! Last but not least, my favorite. No one needs a gym to workout, some of my favorite exercises for butt and gym is done by me, on the floor with no equipment’s. (so don’t blame the gym!) Squats, “Butt-raises”, Sit-ups & push-ups. Find some of my examples right here.