My 5 favorite things about Autumn.

1. There is nothing better than to sleep in on weekends when the rain beats on the window, and you now that you just stay in all day.
2. Even though it is getting colder, you can still treat yourself with a pretty nightgown/sleepwear. Match it with a warm pair of fuzzy sock and a robe.
3. Candles are definitely on my top 5. No matter what candles always make me feel better, a scent candle is my favorite. I can sit and smell it all evening long.
4. Stay-in evenings with a best friend/boyfriend or you mom. Watch a cozy movie, make some hot chocolate and just relax.
5. The colors of the leaves. It’s so pretty outside! Bring a branch with some pretty leaves in and decorate your table with some Autumn leaves or autumn colored flowers, like orange, red & purple.