To keep you guys motivated, I now open up and let you into my daily workout/life routine. Since a while ago, exercising have become more fun, and is must for me. I feel so good when I push myself further and further everytime. There is nothing better than a sore body the day after a tough workout, its a sign of your great effort. Day after day, I keep going. Some days are better, and some are worse. I absolutely hate my bad days, when I don’t feel like working out, or like I gained. But don’t forget – Don’t Give Up!
When things start to get rough, try to find that motivation again, and don’t give up! YOU are stronger and better than you think!

7.00 I wake up, I start the day with brushing my teeth and get motivated by my “motivation picture” that I taped on my bathroom cabinet door. Helps me every day!

7.30, While the kids have breakfast – I sit down and drink a BIG glass of ice cold water.

7.50, Walking the kids to bus stop, bring my dog & my ipod for a nice dog walk.

8.30 My quiet time, Oatmeal time. My favorite moment of the day.

8.30-10.30 Being creative with blogs, collages and my designs.

10.30/11.00 Workout. Either a 40/45 min Insanity DVD workout, or 1 hour strength at the gym. (I love to workout right before lunch time, fits me the best)

13.00 Lunch time, try to feed my body with healthy and good proteins like eggs, turkey/chicken/fish, sallads and/or protein shakes.

15.15 Picking up kids from bus stop, the dog is walking with me. (Great and super easy “workout”)

19.00 Dinner time, I try to never eat later than 19.30. A good meal with healthy ingredients. (Sometimes I workout late, instead of dinner I have a light snack and pour myself a protein shake afterwards) 

22.30 Bedtime! Let’s not forget the most important thing. Sleep. If you workout, your body needs rest + your skin needs it too. Why do you think its called beauty sleep?

A Sneak Peek in my average day,

What do you think? Any thoughts or questions?