The most important thing in a space or a room, are the details. The details are the things that completes the room and make it be YOU. It can be anything from your favorite flowers, to a homemade artwork or some glamourus magazines spread out on a table with a bunch of candles on top of them. The touch is yours so make, and there is nothing thats wrong. Its your space, its your choice!

My favorite details are many, but if I only could pick a couple I would say… Fresh cut flowers (color depending on season) in a cool vase, that matches my style. Lots and lots of candleholders, in different shapes and sizes. I like to stay within the same color, like black/white and maybe one color that sticks out. Last but not least, be creative. I like to create things and settings from my mind, and not copying from others. Love the idea of styling the wall with a nice magazine, like the picture above where they hang the magazine in a hanger, super smart!