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I ♥ Feathers

Can you guys get enough of feathers? I cannot!
I’ve noticed that a lot of you are just as caught up in feather tattoos like me.
I have done some research, and what does a feather actually symbolize? 

– Did you know that feathers are also symbolic to dreams?
If yes, you are correct. One conclusion to this meaning is how the feather is usually portrayed in the dreamcatcher. When you think about a feather, it has the ability to travel and move freely in life. It is believed that white feathers in dreams symbolize a fresh start spiritually.The white feather can also represent innocence.
A red feather is said to symbolize passion and love. Yellow and orange feathers usually represent intelligence.

– Although some would say that angel wings doesn’t fall into the same category as the feather, these wings are made of feathers and they hold symbolic meaning. These feathered wings do hold symbolic significance to the wearer of this design. This tattoo design represents protection from the higher power.

– Some people may choose to wear the feather tattoo design because of all the symbolic meanings or they may just like the beauty of the feather tattoo. Either way, the feather tattoo is a great choice for a popular design.
The feather design has different variations and so many different meanings. Some designs can also be used in dreamcatcher tattoos. The feather tattoo gives you plenty of choices and options to think about.

(text about feather meaning is borrowed from here)