My 5 obsessions so far this week.

1. Your Body – Christina Aguilera (click here to find my favorite remix)
2. Fruit & Walnuts combo.
3. Avocado! (works with everything!)
4. Burning Abs
5. Boxing!

5 tips that will get you closer to where you want to be:

1. Sort out in your fridge and pantry, there is nothing worse that knowing that you have that candy/chocolate/crackers when your are on your way to your better lifestyle. Through it out or give it away – Don’t eat “just one more piece”. NO.

2. Change your afternoon snack. Often your body gets its sugar-rush in the afternoon, thats when you have to make the right decision. If you switch a candy bar to a Vegetable bag or a bag of nuts, your body will thank you later. The best thing, it’s delicious too!

3. Do what I did, change your computer screensaver to a picture of a “body picture” that you strive yourself to get. Or change it to a picture of yourself on the beach when you felt comfortable and happy with your body & looks. Now every time you look up, you see what your future can bring!

4. Get a hobby! Figure out what you like to do, is it drawing? Is it photographing or is it something else? What ever it is, it will get your mind to focus on something else than food. It really does work, believe me! I started working on clothing design projects a while ago, it keeps me busy, I have fun while doing it. And the best part is that I can go a lot longer without feeling hungry or thinking of food at all.

5. Tell your friends and family about your goal. There is nothing better than to have close once that will help you reach your goal. Instead of not saying anything and “feel bad for saying no to Moms newly baked cookies”. Tell them that you really want to do this, and back you up! When you get support and a helping hand, it gets easier.

(this is what keeps me going. My toned body a couple of years ago) 

Keep up the good work! Believe in yourself and you will make it!