It’s Friday morning, the weekend is almost here. But the week is not over yet!
How are you guys doing with your exercise? I am doing great myself, working out everyday.
If you have a goal, you will do everything you can to reach it. At least if you really want to!

Everyday Exercise

It’s so much more important than you think. And if you chose the right things to do, you will burn a lot more calories than you thought! Easy small things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking to the bus stop instead of getting a ride there. And one of my favorite things; Park as far away possible on the parking lot outside of the gym/store, by that you will walk more, and carry your things for a longer distance.

Here is an example of my regular day in everyday exercising:
Walk to the bus stop with my girls in a rapid speed 20 min: ca 120 calories
Walking up & down staircases to make beds and clean rooms 20 min: ca 90 calories
Walking around in the house and doing chores 1 hour (altogether): ca 220 calories
Going grocery shopping 30 min: ca 200 calories
Walk to the bus stop to pick up my girls in a rapid speed 20 min: ca 120 calories

If we add all of the calories together, I have burned a little over 700 calories to just do some everyday activities instead of just sitting still.
If you count on it, thats 4900 calories a week, and 19 600 calories a month and 254 800 calories a year! For just extra moving in you average day. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

So Yes, your everyday exercise is very important!
I have checked up that walking up & down staircases burn about 10 calories per minute. So if you want those fabulous legs and great butt – chose the staircase instead of the elevator!
Remember to always use your legs instead of the car, legs instead of the bus and why not take your bike to school/work during summer?

Would you like to know how many calories you burn in your day, click here
(The text is borrowed from my favorite swedish exercise blog (