Cravings for September 2012.

I want to fill my home with fresh flowers, the amazing scent from new roses are one of the best things! And they look gorgeous. Since we are heading into Autumn, the darkness comes closer and closer. Already at 8pm it was dark! Thats why God invented candles. There is nothing more cozy than lighting lots of candles. Add a fragrance candle and your room will feel complete!
When it comes to fashion and trends, I cannot get enough of Fringes, Spikes, Sequin! All three of them will be surrounding me this fall.
Love, Love, love the top picture! See what they have done with the belt? 
Thats exactly what it should look like, cool “not to perfect” and trendy. Simply tie the end of the belt around the fastening strap. And Voila!
Something completely different, is that I have always wanted to be good at drawing, and I don’t mean flowers or stick figures. No I mean, Objects such like a human being, clothes and interior. I guess practice is all it takes. Perfect project for the dark & colder season coming up.