Three tips that can make YOU like the Ab-killer workout:

1. Use you ipod. Pick out a fast favorite song and put it down in front of you. If you can sing meanwhile, you will work your abs even more. But otherwise you can enjoy the song, watch the clock & burn, baby burn. 

2. Challenge Yourself. If you could do it for 1 minute, try to do it for 1 minute and a couple of seconds. And add on a little bit more time for each round. You’ll get chocked when you see how long you actually CAN do it. 

3. Do different version of the plank, just so you don’t get bored. It’s always good to try new exercises. Your body will really feel a change if you mix it up a little.
Here are three different versions of the famous plank. 

1. Do the regular plank, but on a BOSU Ball. Balance and extra work for your abs!
2. Sideways plank, a lot harder than the usual kind. Try it!
3. Regular plank but with straight arms, almost like a push up – but stay in that position!

Good luck, and remember!
Don’t Give Up When You Are Tired, Give Up  When You Are DONE.