If there is something I love – it’s Interior. My mind goes crazy as soon as I let my thoughts and ideas circle around in my head. There is really nothing better than being creative and finding out what YOU like, and how YOU can make it work for yourself and your space/home.
Since I still liv at home, it’s not as easy to decide or do whatever-you-feel like. I have been very blessed with my family and their trust and reliability in me. They have let me do a lot to the house, but I can’t wait until I put my feet inside of my own apartment one day. Wow, that feeling when you know that it’s YOUR, I look forward to experience that feeling. 

The other day I got RH, Restoration Hardware magazine home. Wow, what a precious piece of work. The magazine is around 800 pages. It’s all about Fall Fashion 2012. And it was Love at first sight. 

Yes, it’s all about creativity. But there are also a couple of helpful rules that can come in handy when you start with a big project. It’s one thing if you are just moving around, but if you re-doing A LOT. It’s time to have a plan. If you have drawing skills, congratulations. You just got a lot easier work than others.
Something I always try to do it think, sleep on in and decide. I write down “Must Haves” in the room. I write down what I have to work with and what order things should be done in.
No one wants to carry in a super heavy sofa, and then afterwards realizing; “Shoot.. I forgot to put the big rug on first…”

1. Think, and sleep on it. Then make your final decision.
2. Measure the room and make sure you know what the room can actually fit before you start buying…
3. Write a list of “Must Haves” in your space/room
4. Before you get started, make sure you have the most important things you know you will need during the renovation.
5. Plan, and make sure you know what goes in first/last.
6. Sketch your idea, and if you aren’t 110% sure, erase and sketch again. (Better to regret on a piece of paper than in real life)
7. If you are putting up pictures on the wall, or something that will need a nail. Make sure you are sure before you start hammering nails into your newly painted walls…
(Click HERE to see a great tip of what/how to do it)

A simple thing you can do to elate the room, especially your living room is to place a cool lamp somewhere in the room where it is convenient. Since a living room is a room that is used a lot, to play games, read or just being able to see each other. Here are some of my favorites when it comes to lamps. 

These floor lamps really stands out. They can be a great focal point if you have a smaller/dark room. Depending on what design you already have of course. I love modern design together with rough and soft. 

Mirrors and wall decor can also be THE thing you need in your room.
Don’t be afraid to put things on your wall. Just make sure you know where you want it, before you hang it up. Doesn’t that special mirror just bring the whole room together? 

Round things are on my “favorite things” list. Round tables, round lamps – but biggest of all. Round mirrors.

Whether it’s your office, a corner in your living room or your make-up table in your bedroom. A mirror can really complete the room. Did you know that mirrors actually makes the room feel bigger? Yes, because of the fact that light bounces in the mirror and back in the room, you get the feeling that the room is more spacious than it actually is.

I am in love with this space. How it feels so welcome, warm and cozy. I love how they match the rough steel mirror and frames with light fabrics, soft shapes furnitures. The chair is round and therefore “soft”. To put some fresh cut flowers in a room can really make everything so much better. 

Here are some of my favorite asymmetrical mirrors from RH web shop. 

Another very important room is you bedroom. You spend a lot of time in this room. It’s important you feel comfortable in this space, if you don’t – figure out what it is and change it!
There is a lot of ideas and projects you can do/change in your bedroom. The 3 most important things in the bedroom (in my point of view) is: Bed, Lights & Decor.
And when I say Bed, of course it should be comfortable – but it should be pretty. You should get goosebumps every time you open your bedroom doors, because it’s just a fairytale dream!
Second, light. Yes, sure you sleep with your lights off. But come on, you wan’t to be able to see your room before you go to bed. Chandeliers are my favorite pick. They are so pretty! And even if you like the tougher and more modern feeling, a chandelier can complete that look perfectly. 

Some ideas for your bedroom, 

And some ideas for a chandelier, 

Don’t forget the things that actually makes your home a home, and not a furniture store. The Details. Details can be everything to different pillows and cozy blankets in your sofa. Or it can be personal pictures and memories up on the wall. One of my favorite details are: Flowers and candles. Those two things can create a cozy and warm atmosphere like nothing else. So don’t forget those two things!

Whether you are into wood and nature, or the tough, rough steel and zinc materials. It’s YOUR space, and create what you want to create. There is no limit for creativity. So remember the few tips I gave you and good luck with your ideas & projects in the future. 

(All the pictures are from Restoration Hardware’s webpage)

Feel free to share your thought and wishes for upcoming creative posts.