So, It’s Sunday and that meant another week with my diet. 
I felt comfortable when I woke up and stepped on the scale.
Except that the worst thing happened. I had GAINED! But then I realized.. After reading & searching about workouts I actually knew this was going to happen. “Muscles weigh more than fat” Yes that is true. Especially in the beginning of your “new life”.
But it got me a little disappointed still. I mean, when you put yourself through workouts that almost kills you and you gain, hello – who wants to see that happen?
But like I said, it’s the way it works, and the worst thing you can do IS: STOP! No, no, no – keep up the good work, and it will give you the result you want! (To give myself a little credit, I did drop some inches around waist and hips! So I am not going to give up yet!)

A few tips that you never really knew, or thought about when it comes to exercise & health. 

1. Sleep Well
There are several studies that indicate that if a person does not get enough sleep she/he will have a lower metabolism. “Enough sleep” is around 8 hours. So if you sleep well, your body works well!

2. Water
Drink more water than you think. Have one glass of water right when you wake up before you eat. And try to get the routine “one glass of water before each meal” in your system. You body needs it, especially if you work out a lot!

3. Eat often
To keep up your metabolism, it’s very important to eat often. Just eating one or two meals a day is not good at all. The ideal is to eat about 5 times a day, but in smaller portions. Also remember to eat healthy things when you eat often. Don’t think that its good for you to eat a bun, brownie or such. Think Healthy! Good snacks can be, a couple of almonds, carrots, fruit pieces.

4. Lemons
Did you know that lemons can shrinks your stomach? There are many studies that shows this fact. So if you drink 2-3 squeezed lemons in a glass with tea or water + add a little honey (removes the giant acid) every day, eventually your satiation will increase after a while.

5. Skinnier legs
A lot of people think that if they spend a lot of time in the gym, with weights eventually they will lose fat on their thighs and legs. Yes, but no. The fat will turn in to muscles, but “big” muscles. If you want lean and toned legs, the best exercise you can do is acctually: Running/jog, spinning, cardio – all kinds of exercises where you use your own bodyweight.

6. Omega 3 / Fish Oil
There has been a lot of studies recently that has showed that people who ate a lot of fish oil and omega 3 reduced fat in the “fatty areas” such as hips and stomach. And those who were stressed increased their waist circumference.
To sum up, Start to eat healthy fats (fish oil + omega 3) and try not to stress in your weekdays. And together you will reduce more fat than you thought was possible without using the gym.