A reader asked me how I did it, How I started my diet and what my “regular day” looks like, when it comes to eating habits and workouts. So this post is all about that.
Like many of you I had a pretty OKAY lifestyle. I worked out sometimes and I though I eat pretty healthy. I eat when I was hungry, and I treated myself a lot. Whats the fun with living if you can’t eat what you want?
Well there is a easy answer to that. You wan’t to eat unhealthy? YOU can, but exercise too. Then you don’t gain. But my problem was that I started with a workout and eat super healthy for a while, then I stopped working out and started eating bad again. How does that work, and why? 

I sat down, looked through a couple of blogs, googled “workouts” and looked through Victoria’s Secrets new catalogue. I decided! I said, no more. Let’s Do this!

My Regular Day:

Since I work as an Au Pair, I work early in the morning, and then I am free for a couple of hours during the day, and work afternoon & evening. So my life is basically all about the kids. Except for my free time.
7.00 Start the day.
7.30 Drinking a big glass of water while the kids eat breakfast.
7.50 15 min dog & kids walk back and forth.
8.30 Big healthy breakfast. 

Example 1: Oatmeal (gröt) with nuts, cinnamon & fruit. 

Example 2: Banana Hotcakes with fruit. (only ingredients in the pancakes are banana & eggs)

Example 3: Strawberries with milk. (Simple, fast & healthy) 

Between 9.00-11.00. Workout. Either at Gym, Workout DVD’s at home & with my Personal Trainer. 
(I usually have a good warm up for 10 minutes, some stretching & the real workout begins. Don’t forget to finish up with stretching after your workout! Many people don’t think it’s that important, trust me IT IS)
* I try to work out in the morning, because then I know I will DO it. I don’t have any excuses, like you can have in the evening. The best part of it is that i try to work out before lunch time, so I can make myself a big protein filled lunch that will keep me full & good for the rest of the afternoon.
* I try to divide my workout into groups. I do legs & butt on day, Abs & chest another, and last but not least arms, back & shoulders.

12.00 Protein Lunch (so I can stay full and focused for the rest of the afternoon)

Example 1. Egg Salad. Salad & fruit are good for you, a stable lunch. 2 Hard boiled eggs give you a great protein source.

Example 2: Fried Eggs with tuna, fruit & 1/2 whole grain bread with meat.

Example 3: Scrambled Eggs, with Melon pieces & 1/2 whole grain bread with salmon & tomato.

Afternoons has been my week point. At least when it come to snacks…
Since I prepare snacks for my 3 kids after school, thats usually the time when I get my sugar-rush. I used to eat with them, and the same things.
Now I try to focus on doing other things, and not thinking about food. You are usually not that hungry, it’s just your eyes that wants it.
Let me introduce my Best Friend. 

Workout / Food Book.

Pick out a nice book, I chose a pink one cause that color makes me happy and excited!
(Write some motivating words (it’s for yourself Only, write whatever cheesy words you want!)

Now when you have done that, it’s time to fill out the Real Things.
Get a measure tape, and a scale. Even though you might not like to do it, or see the result. It’s a start for your new life. And to be able to see some results during the way, you need to have something to look back on.

(Excuse me, for my swedish/english mixture. It was supposed to be in swedish, but sometimes I can’t come up with the right swedish words so I use english instead. (That’s what a year in the U.S does to you))
Measure yourself, and write it down. Another column underneath you write Food: and everything you eat appears right there. Write it down when you eat it & what you eat.
I honestly didn’t think it would help as much as it has. I like looking at it, and be proud of myself. So because of a book, I started to eat better. Life is funny sometimes…
Last but not least, the Exercise Row. Make sure to write down how long & what kind of exercise you do. That way, you can always keep track of what you did, what day. Perfect! (Weight & measurements I keep updating once a week, sunday mornings. Great way to keep track of your results!)

18.00 – 19.00 Dinner. 
Somewhere between 18 and 19 I have dinner with my kids. Since the kids are very picky eaters, I usually cook easy, and “booring” things. But I usually try do make something extra that I like, for myself.
I basically cook the same to all of us, but instead of pasta, potatoes or bread (which the kids eat) I add a small salad or fruits on the side. Easy & Healthy.
*I try to eat my biggest meal in the morning or for lunch, because I think thats the two most important meals during the day. Because you need energy and lots of healthy products since you move the most during the day, and not the evening. Try not to eat until you feel like you could “explode”. That’s way to much food. Stop when you feel like you could have a couple extra pieces. After a while, you will feel full anyways, since it takes a while for your metabolism to follow your head.

Example 1: Marinated Chicken with vegetables & fruit. (broiled apple pieces, cashew nuts & bananas) 

Example 2: “Tacos” The same ingredients but I skipped the tortilla. Yummy!

Example 3: (Not the prettiest dinner plate, but HEALTHY!) Marinated Chicken with tomatosause, Fresh salad, hard boiled egg & 1/2 Corn cob. A Dinner filled with lots of protein. (Great dinner if you worked out in the evening)

* I try to brush my teeth right after dinner. That way my mouth feel fresh, and I don’t feel like eating anything. Because there is nothing worst than eating/drinking something with taste, after brushing your teeth.

Now, the rest is up to you!

You can do it. YOU just have to put up a goal, realize that you CAN make it. And Start Right away.
Trust me, I know. The first couple of days/weeks can be very though. But once you get in it you will start to looking forward to it, I am right now! Can’t wait until tomorrows exercises.

Don’t Give Up!