1) Set Goals – If you have set the bar too high by setting goals that are too tough to reach, you’re setting yourself up to be disappointed. Basically start with lower and easy achievable goals and work your way towards the bigger goals. Start with something simple like, “I will work out three times this week.” Once you have established a routine, start working out harder, and try doing more each session.

2) Find A Role Model – Who has that “perfect” body that you would love to have? Who sticks to a fitness plan, and shows that dedication in the way they live their lives? Many women tape up pictures of someone they aspire to be like, such as a model or actress. This is a great way to keep your goals fresh in your mind, and to remind you what you’re striving towards. Make sure that you choose someone deserving of your admiration – not someone who has unhealthy eating or exercise habits, or who has an impossible to achieve image.

3) Reward Yourself – Setting goals is a great way to get yourself going in an exercise program, but if you have a hard time keeping yourself going, don’t be afraid to offer yourself rewards for any small achievements. You don’t need to go overboard – just small rewards for reaching small goals. Take yourself out to a movie you’ve been wanting to see, spoil yourself with a well deserved massage or a facial. Reward yourself with something that makes you happy – just NOT food. 

4) Get A Buddy – Having someone to work out with makes it much more fun, and will keep you more motivated to exercise. You might even find that you’re actually looking forward to it! Not only that, but having a buddy makes it much harder for you to skip your workout, because they will be there to hold you accountable. Let them encourage you and motivate you when you don’t feel like exercising, and do the same for them.

5) Create A Playlist On Your iPod/iPhone – Everything gets better with music, doesn’t it? Create a playlist with music that cheer you up and will make you work your best. Some of my favorite artist for a workout is David Guetta, Avicii & all kinds of remixes.
Turn up the music and I promise you, you will feel a lot more motivated and ready to burn some calories.

6) Make It Fun – Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or repetitive. If you don’t like your exercise routine, change it and make it more exciting. Keep trying new exercises until you find something you enjoy doing. If your exercise routine is fun, you will end up looking forward to exercise, instead of dreading it.

7) Mix It Up – Anything you do over and over every day is going to get boring, no matter how motivated you are to succeed. Find several different exercises you enjoy, and alternate. Try swimming on Monday, dance class on Wednesday and a Pilates tape at home on Saturday. Whenever you find yourself getting bored with a workout, replace it with something else you enjoy, and go back to it again when you’re ready.

8) Don’t Take It Too Seriously – If you start treating exercise like hard work, that’s exactly what it will become. Make your exercises light, fun and exciting rather than looking at it as a chore you have to do. Don’t let yourself get a bad attitude towards exercising, or you will be more likely to give up.

9) Put Yourself FIRST – If you’re serious about your training and goal, then you must make YOU a priority in your life. Unless there’s an emergency, things (and people) can wait half an hour if you’re heading out for a walk. Remember, putting yourself first does not mean you’re being selfish! Becoming fit and healthy is truly a wonderful gift to give yourself; that’s not being selfish at all.

10) Check Ups & Rewards – If you put up a reachable goal, go 100% in and don’t quit until you reach your goal. On your “first day of your new life” – weight and measure yourself, write it down (don’t count on your brain) and keep a work out journal. And why not write a food journal on the side too? This will keep track of what you do and what you eat. Remember, don’t take it deathly seriously, you only live once! So if yoy want to have a glass of wine friday night or a piece of cake on sunday night dinner – Do it. Try to limit it with one/two treats a week, you don’t want to end up where you started. Enjoy yourself & do the things that makes you happy.